Meet DoubleDouble, a new way to socialize.

The Technology could never replace the chemistry between two people, but it can help you connect with the right kind of people. DoubleDouble app helps you chat with people nearby, share your thoughts or simply exchange a polite ‘hello’. You can easily make friends with people who are near you.

Meet new people and reconnect with old friends, DoubleDouble helps you socialize with ease. If you don’t get time to meet your friends often, you can connect with them through this app.

You will feel the need to chat with strangers when you’re in a new city and you don’t know anyone or anything. Find a friend in strangers, someone who can help you with settling in a new city.

In several unexpected situations we feel the true necessity of other’s help and instead of looking for someone right that moment, it’s better to start creating contacts with people around you, as soon as you reach the city.

DoubleDouble app helps you meet people near you and chat with strangers who match with your interests.

All you need to do is to team up with a friend and you’re all set to get matched with other doubles nearby.

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